Yuantel HUD technology is ahead of the industry level. The development team has a variety of model achievements in this field, rich experience and deep technology accumulation ensure the optical display effect, user physical examination, interactive experience and mass production of the product. The product has strong comprehensive competitiveness and it can develop various HUD schemes.

  • Using virtual imaging technology, it blends with real scenes and has a great sense of driving technology in the future

  • It has voice, gestures and other rich user interaction, and provides good user experience

  • The system prompt information such as vehicle speed, entertainment information, navigation and so on is superimposed on the windshield for display, improving the safety and comfort of driving

WHUD Product Advantage

  • Real-time data
  • Data projection
  • On-board host communication
  • Support for external physical keys
  • Support for mobile phone interconnection


WHUD Performance Advantage

  • Virtual image size: 16 inches @ 2.5m.
  • FOV > 9, good viewing experience
  • Precision motion design
  • High brightness, high backlight
  • Low noise design
  • Contrast > 1200: 1

ARHUD Product Advantage

  • Real-time data
  • On-board host communication
  • Driving assistance
  • Driving safety tips
  • Support for external keys

ARHUD Performance Advantage

  • VID:8-20m
  • FOV>10°
  • Virtual image brightness > 15000 cd/㎡